Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard (ubykhlives) wrote,
Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard

A quick post

Because it's late, and I'm tired, and a little cranky. Cranky because I busted out of the freeroll tonight on an atrocious, hideous, awful beat, and even more cranky because I was doing so well up until that point, and most especially cranky because there was a stuff-up at Full Tilt Poker that meant that only 290 people got to register instead of the usual 1,400 or so, meaning that there was a much higher chance of me making the cash.

But no. I spend an hour playing good, solid, aggressive poker and catch a few good hands into the bargain, and build myself up to 13,000 in chips, and what happens? I'll tell you what happens. I get dealt the weapons of mass destruction, ♠A ♣A. And even better, two people move all in against me. I can't believe my luck; I'd be mad to throw in Aces in a situation like that, so I call for all my chips. One of them turns up ♠T T, and the other A J. I'm an 80% favourite heads-up against T-T, and an 89% favourite against A-J, so I'm thinking I'm going to triple up and be in good shape to make the cash list. Bells, whistles, and brass bands are going off in my head.

But no. The flop comes 3 ♣T 2 - making trip tens for the guy on my left, which beats the hell out of Aces. So I mentally tore the clappers out of the bells, broke the whistles over my knee, and shot every member of the brass bands. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the guy on my right has one of the Aces, which means I have to catch the one-outer to stay in. Which I don't - in fact, a third heart comes on the river, giving the guy on my right the Ace-high flush and making my Aces look puny by comparison. Look: I like pocket Aces. I like the rush of seeing them in my hand, I like the art of playing them, and I like winning off them. I've already pointed out in a previous post that there's no better way to be in Texas Hold'em than being a guaranteed 80% favourite pre-flop, no matter what two cards your opponent is holding (even against pocket Kings). But it just seems that every stinking time I get a chance to make a big capitalisation on pocket Aces, they get cracked and I get chucked out of the tournament on my bum. It's mighty frustrating, believe me. I've been tossed out of tournaments on A-A three times in the last week. That doesn't seem fair to me.

Oh well. I'll get over it.

Especially since I've just found out that the new Indiana Jones film is coming out on the 22nd of May.
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