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Have another atrocious meme

...because I can't think of anything to post about. (Except that I did manage to cash in the last freeroll I played in - whee! I finished 16th of 1,309 players and won $2 for my trouble, and I would have done even better if I hadn't flopped a flush and moved all in against someone across the table who'd flopped a higher flush. If you have a made flush after the flop, the odds of another person also having a made flush are greater than 25 to 1 against, or less than 4%, so I'd do it again tomorrow if I was in the same situation. I just got unlucky on that hand.)

So anyway, here is the memeage of fun, from kassie_opia.

Leave blank anything you've never tried, but wouldn't mind having a go at.
Bold the things you do regularly.
Italicise the things you've done once or twice, or used to do.
Strike through anything that either you've tried and hated, or have a moral objection to.

Add a few more if you like.

lick yoghurt pot lids (despite my mother's admonitions, I've always done it, and ain't stopping now)
polish apples (I prefer to peel them)
go to dance classes
smoke (just can't see the point, and then there's the health issues on top of that)
watch entire DVDs, including all the extras, in one sitting (never been a big fan of DVD extras)
do martial arts (used to take judo and ninjutsu)
have a crush on a fictitious character (Sam Carter from Stargate = hawt)
drink herbal tea (I don't even drink ordinary tea; I prefer coffee)
practice organized religion (I see religion as personal and not to be dictated by others)
read classic literature (got a copy of Moby Dick that needs starting)
have a favourite mug
perform on stage (playing music with the high school jazz band - we ROCKED!)
go out walking (could never see the point of walking just to come home)
try to get your 5-a-day of fruit + veg (should do it, but don't)
follow a fashion movement (I prefer comfortable to cool)
play team sports (we won the interhouse basketball comp in year 10)
watch more black + white films than colour ones (went through a Marx Brothers phase)
watch TV every day (shouldn't do it, but do)
listen to Radio 4
write music (until I realised I wasn't too good at it)
have lie-ins that last over an hour (I do it when I can, which isn't often)
collect scrap paper
forget to ring/e-mail/text/visit people when you say you will (I'm very bad at this)
have at least one credit card
have a BF/GF/spouse (once, in year 12 - feel free to laugh now)
always have at least one BF/GF of the go, even if you're only with them because you can't find anyone better (surely you jest, no?)
write in TXT MSG SPK (only when I don't have the room in a single message)
make sure you're at school/work on time every day (I used to when it mattered)
wish you had more power + influence (I like myself the way I am, without the power - I get the feeling that it wouldn't sit well on me)
have tattoos (thought about it, but never more than half-seriously)
have piercings (thought about it once in year 6, then never thought about it again)
sleep more than 8 hours at a time (I stay up too late at night to get away with this any more)
sleep more than 10 hours at a time (did a 14-hour one once after I spent 64 hours straight awake)
remember + record your dreams
have imaginary friends (never had them, except for my collection of singing potatoes)
write fanfic (still working on that Expendables fic)
write slash (never tried it)
write porn (although what the difference is between slash and porn is sometimes a fine line)
write original novels (wish I had the talent - I've had a couple of ideas, but they just petered out)
wish you lived in another era (a simpler time would be so very nice)
own a pair of pink fluffy slippers (if I did... would I tell?)
switch lights off when you leave a room (sometimes even if I'm coming back in later)
recycle (as much as possible - you should too)
buy seaside tat that amuses you (sadly, the "ooh-shiny" factor is definitely at work in me)
build castles/water features on the beach (loved doing this with really wet sand)
wear make-up every day (again, if I did, would I tell?)
have pets (two cats - one's good, one tries to be good)
breed pets
run your own business
do cash-in-hand work (used to mow lawns for pocket money)
take your camera whenever you go out (wish I could remember to do this)

Also, I hate my exercises, I hate them good. I know they're doing me good and mean that I'll be able to avoid more surgery for as long as humanly possible, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy them... Okay, I admit that they're not that bad, just tedious - 90 minutes a day. But if I do them just before I have a shower and go to bed, then they're tolerable as part of my day's routine - I couldn't make myself get up early in the morning to do them. Nevertheless, they're doing me some good - I can feel my core muscles working hard while and after doing the programme, and I've noticed a distinct improvement in my day-to-day posture as well - which, I suppose, is the point.
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