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A weekend... nothing much, really

Catching up on a bit of TV. I never realised how mad I and TV in general have become for crime dramas of all stripes, but I'm watching altogether too much of Law and Order, SVU, NCIS, The Mentalist, Bones and so on, and have now added Harry's Law to the list. I saw the ads on TV several weeks ago and I'd been thinking about trying it, especially since I took to Boston Legal (another of David E. Kelley's shows), and finally - after running myself up to date with Mentalist and NCIS - I got around to it. And it isn't bad! To a large extent it's very derivative, and without the stellar acting abilities of the lead, Kathy Bates (who won an Oscar for Misery) I'm not sure it would have much oomph. But it's not bad as it goes, and shows a bit of promise, so I'll be giving it a bit of time to see if it matures as a show. I've watched the first six episodes of the first season, which is apparently already over and ran for only 12 episodes rather than the usual two dozen or so that American 40-minute dramas usually put forward. I wonder what that was all about?

My back felt particularly good today - only brief periods of sciatica and backache. Huzzah! Hopefully this means things are progressing; I'm hoping the next few days will bring more joy. Especially more writing - there've been days where I've been unable to concentrate on writing at all because of the coming-and-going pain, but now it's pretty much settled I'm intent on bashing out as much more thesis as I can. I'd like to have a reasonably solid draught of the methodology and methods chapter for Andy to read over before the weekend, and since he's doing a lot of travelling about the place from the 15th until about September I'm going to have to take advantage of his time while he's here!

Other than that... quiet days, mostly. Mother's Day today, and my little nephew's first birthday party yesterday, a very pleasant do at my sister's place. She and her husband had perhaps 30 or 40 people around to celebrate, so a big event! The lad's walking around most of the time now; it's still mind-blowing to see how quickly he grows. Time really is flying.

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